Commercial Galleries, Dealers, Auctions

We assist with the preparation and negotiation of purchase agreements, sale agreements and gallery and auction consignment agreements. We advise on issues such as the California Resale Royalty Act, California Penal Code 653 provisions that preclude the sale of all ivory and other protected endangered species parts in the State of California, and insurance, title issues, tax and copyright matters.

Recent Services

  • Prepared gallery consignment agreement on behalf of gallery.
  • Prepared and negotiated gallery consignment agreement on behalf of consignor (owner of the artwork.)
  • Advised and assisted dealer regarding sale of Asian antiquities and assisted with authenticity due diligence research.
  • Represented artist in dispute with gallery owner over default on consignment agreement.
  • Advised owner of Chinese screen with inlaid ivory on California Penal Code §653 preventing sale of any ivory in California, and provided review and analysis of owner's alternatives.
  • Advised gallery on California Resale Royalty Act claim, and negotiated settlement with artist.