A higher level of assets requires a higher level of expertise and resources. Berus Law Group has composed an expert team of qualified global professional resources who work with unique assets including everything from fine art, wine, jewelry, coins, sports memorabilia, classic cars, antiques, antiquities to historical assets.

  • Qualified Fine Art & Object Appraisers
    • Appraisals for Insurance Purposes
      Appraisals for Tax Purposes:
      Estate Tax

  • Fine Art & Objects Sale Value Estimates
    • Retail Sale Estimates
      Auction Sale Estimates

  • Fine Art & Objects Authentication
    • Scientific Experts
      Authentication & Research Organizations

  • Fine Art & Objects Insurance Companies

  • Fine Art & Objects Title Insurance

  • Fine Art & Objects Conservation, Restoration, Repair

  • Fine Art & Objects Security
    • Home/Office
      In Storage
      In Transit
      On Loan to Museums

  • Fine Art & Objects Storage, Transportation and Shipping Services

  • Fine Art & Objects Lenders:
    • Loans to Clients using tangible personal property as collateral
      Loans to Purchase art & objects
      Loans for early Estate Distribution including Equitable Distribution

  • Fine Art & Objects 1031 Exchanges